What I can do for you as a Digital Marketer

Ideally, the answer to this question would be simple. Everything. But in reality, no one can be a master on all things, and be everything to everyone; but that would be cool. Throughout the quarter, I have explored numerous digital marketing topics in this blog, and have taken my digital marketing knowledge from novice to expert; ideally I have helped the audience do the same. That being said, throughout the quarter there have been some topics that I am particularly passionate about and I feel as though I could use my skills in those areas to bring about great improvement to your organization. Apology in advance for the excessive use of “I can…”

Web Analytics
What can I say about this topic? You have to be using it. For those that do not remember or are unfamiliar with the concept of web analytics, it is essentially comprehensive data on all aspects of an organizations digital touch points; you can get analytics on everything from apps, to new website launches. But why is it important for an organization to track their digital touch points? The answer is simple, that’s where the data lies. Web analytics will provide an organization with overarching data about all aspects of their digital marketing efforts from macro and micro conversions, to audience reports. Your organization will essentially learn how your consumers are interacting and maneuvering  amongst your webpages.

But what can I do for your organization in the world of analytics? That’s quite simple, I can read the data. As a marketer, I am certified in Google Analytics and have in depth understanding on how to read the data, generate reports, read reports, understand bounce rates, understand the paths that different people are taking when maneuvering thorugh your website, understand how that path can lead to bounces, and more. Essentially, I can take the data that web analytics provides and pull meaning from the numbers, which is valuable because data is useless if you cannot understand and take action from it.

For example, I could take my knowledge of web analytics, and assist your organization in the A/B testing process. Let’s say, for examples sake, that your organization wants to test the size and color of a button on your landing page that is prompting people to download a pdf of information about your organization. In order to assist with this process, I would prompt the web developer to make a few different options of the PDF button, and then also prompt the developer to alter the html/java script code to track downloads of the PDF. At this point, my web analytics knowledge comes into play and I use analytics to track the different conversion rates of the various buttons and analyze which button was leading to greater conversion rates, and with what path was the user getting to the button. Web analytics is an invaluable source in that it allows organizations to assign weight to various marketing channels, and in this case an organization would be assigning greater weight to the button that generated more micro conversions. As a certified master of web analytics, I know how to guide the developers in what code they need to paste into the HTML/Java script (in a perfect world I could do this myself, however I am only a beginner in coding) and then I am able to interpret the data that is generated and turn it into marketing knowledge, such as which button should be selected to reach the greatest amount of conversions. It is valuable to have someone on your marketing team that can read and understand web analytics, because it is the hard data that gives insight into the successes of your various digital touch points; marketing dollars are precious and we want to spend them in marketing channels that are leading to conversions. I can help with that.

Content Marketing
One of my favorite topics of the quarter, and undoubtedly something I am passionate about, is Content Marketing. As a marketer, I am inspired by the kind of marketing that doesn’t appear to be marketing at all; content marketing is a great example of this. For those that are unfamiliar with content marketing, don’t worry I was that person a few weeks back, it is “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience, and ultimately to drive profitable customer action.” Content marketing is a standout digital marketing technique in my mind, because the sole purpose of the content is to educate and inform consumers, not to blatantly promote a product. What draws me to content marketing In particular is the relevant nature of the content, and the value that it provides to consumers; I feel content marketing is a type of marketing that consumers are more receptive too, often times because they don’t realize they are being marketed too. As a marketer I want to create marketing that consumers are interested in and appreciative of, not something that proves to be more of an annoyance. One of my favorite moments in this class was Microsoft’s One Note campaign. I am may be alone in picking this as my favorite digital marketing moment, however I felt it demonstrated a strong example of content marketing. Microsoft focused on Albert and his bionic arms, and Neha and her passion for helping children in orphanages; they highlighted the great aspects of these movements and only mentioned their product in terms of how One Note aided those products. Congrats Mark Staton, loved that example.

But the real question is, how can I help your organization when it comes to content marketing? The answer is through my knowledge of the subject. As we progressed through content and inbound marketing, I came to understand the aspects that must be present in a content marketing campaign in order for it to be successful. A content marketing campaign must relevant and the content must be tailored towards the buyer persona that your organization is trying to reach. In addition, the content needs to be non-promotional for the most part and focus on educating the consumer and providing information that they will find useful, not focused on advertising. Because I am knowledgeable on what it takes to implement a content marketing campaign, I am able to help an organization develop content that is all of the things listed above. I can wave the red flag when content is becoming too promotional in nature, and I can help fellow employees develop content that is tailored to who we want to reach.

Social Media
Social media is kind of a cool thing to use in the business world. I can help you with that. Long story short, your organization needs to be using social media, but I’m sure you probably know that. MOZ puts it best when they state, “Your customers are online. They are interacting in social channels with their friends, colleagues, and other brains in search of information, recommendations, and entertainment. If your company is not around to answer, a competitor will be.” Basically what MOZ is trying to say here is that your customers are online, and you need to be there too. Like I said, I can help you with that. I recently became certified in Hootsuite which is a platform that helps organizations manage all of their social media platforms, from twitter to Instagram. Using the Hootesuit social media managing platform, I can increase your organizations social listening via the creation of multiple streams that follow specific keywords; in addition I can use analytics (separate from Hootsuite) to analyze which keywords are relevant to your brand and which keywords you should be paying attention to on your feeds. I can help your organization create drafts of acceptable social media posts and allow everyone to access them in Hootsuite once they are approved; this will avoid the hassle of the same message having to be created every single time the same issue comes up. I can help you organization tailor responses to customer input, and make appropriate postings based on the social media platform that is being used; some social media platforms are more fun loving then others, and it is important to know what is appropriate and where. I can help you handle customer complaints on platforms such as Facebook, I can even give you some advice on this issue right now. If you are dealing with a difficult customer complaint on Facebook, it is important to not delete the comment unless it contains a remark that is severely inappropriate. Respond to the comment accordingly, and then continue the message in a direct message if the issue is not resolved; you want to have transparency with your social media accounts, and deleting negative feedback is no way to do that.

Overall I have taken a great deal of knowledge from digital marketing, way beyond what I could ever share in one post. I always knew digital marketing was a must have for any organization, but now I know the specifics as to why that is; and even better I know how to apply this knowledge, some of which I have shared with you in this post. In addition to the topics I have touched on, I can also help your organization with A/B testing, link building, inbound marketing, and more.). Check out the rest of my blog posts to see my expertise in those areas, who knows you might learn something. I know I sure did. And If you are willing to wait a week for my help, I will also be able to assist with Google AdWords, as I will be adding that to my list of certifications (hopefully).

That’s me in a digital marketing nutshell. Let’s chat, maybe we can drive some traffic to your website.

Stats from my blog:

  • 16 posts total
  • 82 visitors
  • Over 30,000 words
  • Most Popular Day: Monday
  • Most Popular Hour: 4:00 PM
  • Most Popular Post: A Note On Inbound Marketing-Use it
  • My Favorite Posts: Content Marketing-Think About The Consumer

All of the quotes and statistics used in this post came from the following sources:
MOZ: Beginners Guide to Social Media
Content Marketing Institute


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